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Boca Raton News - The MatchPoint Ministries donate tennis lessons, teddy bears

Published Saturday, December 25, 2004 1:00 am
by Nicol Jenkins

The MatchPoint Ministries wanted to swing in the holidays for underprivileged children by serving them up fuzzy teddy bears to hold through the New Year.
The local non-profit provides tennis lessons and a Bible lesson to children who would otherwise not have the chance to win a match or a get a toy this holiday season.
Children from the Youth Activity Center’s afterschool program swung their rackets over the nets to win their prize of a cuddly teddy bear.
“Teddy bears are symbols of love because people donate them out of love and to show that they care for others,” said Scott Williams, tennis coach and founder of MatchPoint Ministries, who received more than 100 furry creatures from the local Family Christian Store to give to the eager children.
“When the kids are feeling down or blue during the holidays they can give that bear a hug and remember that there are people out there in the community that do care,” he said.
Daniella Palmiotto was one of the teens from the ministry who brought a smile to the children’s faces.
“One of the kids said he didn’t think he was getting anything for Christmas. This way he has something to hold on to and play with,” said the 16-year-old.
Matt Berger, Supervisor of the Youth Activities Center, said the children will remember the gift- giving day for years to come.
“The kids were really having a good time,” said Berger, “We try to get them whatever we can from shoes, gifts and books, but the ministries and Christian store have really helped us out this year.”
Aris Urena played tennis that day and got an early Christmas gift in return.
“Tennis is really fun, and the teddy bear is my favorite because it’s so cute. I’m going to name my bear Alex,” said the 7- year- old.
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