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  Junior Ministries
    Spiritually Tough Summer Tennis Program (June - August)
    Spiritually Tough High Performance Tennis Program (Year Round)
    Lions Tennis (September - May)
    V.I.P. Sessions (Year 'Round)
    Private Lessons (Year 'Round)
    Sparring Sessions (Year 'Round)
  Family Ministries
    Christian Tennis Fellowship (Fall)
    Tennis Marathon (Fall)
    Adult Church Tennis League (Fall)
    Tennis Mission Trips (Spring)
    Tennis Outreaches (Year 'Round)
    Serious Tennis Adult Mini Camps (Year 'Round)
  Professional Ministries
    Pro Outreach (Year 'Round)
    Prayer Breakfast (February)
  Media Ministries
    Good Sports Magazine Show (Year 'Round)
    Spiritually Tough Tennis Tip of the Week (Year 'Round)
    Match Point Ministries Online Store
    Serious Tennis Book
    Spiritually Tough Tennis DVD
    Spiritually Tough Tennis Complete Kit
    Spiritually Tough Tennis Media Kit
    Spiritually Tough Tennis Fitness Kit
    Spiritually Tough Tennis Racquet Kit
  Coaches Ministries
    Coaches Retreat (July & January)
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