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Varsity Tennis
2010 A Varsity Boy’s and Girl’s High School Team
Left to Right Coach Jeff Puhan, Brittney Pressner, (Captain) Nicki Mill, Allyson Walters, Michael Ellman, (Captain) Anika Novacek, Zack Katz, Rebecca Siegler, Ross Weisman, Victoria Loeb, Bryan Reynosso, Dee Marquina, Rachel Lowen, John Mendoza, Lori Ebenstein, Clay Fender, Zach Hersman, Rachel McKay, Chris Evert, and Scott Williams, (Not pictured) Liam Keitz, Stephanie Cocores
Scots Tennis Program at Saint Andrew's School
Our Junior Tennis Program offers the following:
  Programs for ages 5-18 years of age
  Lower, Middle, Upper School and High Performance level preparation
  All lessons billed through Saint Andrew's School
  Counts as sports participation credit
August 20, 2010

Dear Players and Parents;

Welcome back to Saint Andrew’s Tennis.

This year you will notice exciting new additions to our programs.  It is imperative that you set goals and have direction in your tennis endeavors, be it enjoying the sport of a lifetime with family and friends, or playing in USTA tournaments.

Perhaps your goal is to become a member of our Varsity (Middle and Upper School) Teams, playing in College, or going on to become a world class player.  This year in all of our programs (Lower, Middle, and Upper) we are highly recommending that each student sign up for the semi private lesson packages.  These packages are designed to give your child more personal direction and to help in the developmental process of becoming the best that your son or daughter can be.

In our Lower School program your child will establish monthly goals.  These goals will be monitored on a point board.  Players can accumulate points in the following categories; physical, mental, and life skills.  Prizes will be awarded monthly.

Middle and Upper School players will be competing in skills competitions for placement on the “Wall of Fame” board.

To complete our year, we will hold our annual tennis banquet in April.  Throughout the year we will be looking for outstanding Humanitarian, Sportsmanship, Stewardship, Work Ethic, Team Spirit, Most Valuable Player, Most Inspirational Player, and Scots Service Award.

Looking forward to a fun and exciting year!!!

Your Scots Coaching Staff

Scott, Ron, Diego and John
Tennis Professionals High Performance Tennis Tournaments High School Tennis Middle School Tennis Lower School Tennis Tennis Camp Circle of Tennis ProgramsTennis Programs
High School Varsity
Vision We all know that tennis is an independent sport (one on one or two on two) High School Varsity Season is one of nine opportunities to experience what it is like to be part of a tennis team. The other opportunities typically are Middle School Team Tennis, U.S.T.A. Zonals, Jr. Davis Cup, Davis Cup, Fed Cup, College Tennis, Professional Club Tennis, and various levels of league.
High School Tennis provides an amazing opportunity to learn and understand what pulling together on a team can be. This means Serving your team and your teammates first, and thinking of yourself second.
We are blessed to be in South Florida where we compete in the toughest Academy Fed District in the United States. Academies that feed players into our district at the state level are: Bollettieri’s, Evert Tennis Academy, Rick Macci’s, and International Notable players that have played in our District our Andy Roddick, Mardy Fish, Vince Spadea, and Corina Morariu. The latter two players are both Saint Andrew’s graduates.
College Coaches want to know if you can put not one but two points on the board for their team. Singles and Doubles play is what our team focuses on. We take great pride in our development of successful doubles teams.
In High School tennis you play against all ages, sizes and strength of opponents, not just players in your age group.
High School tennis gets great press! Win a Super Series or Local tennis tournament and you might get a line. Win your district or pull an upset in High School tennis and you may be featured as athlete of the week. New papers in South Florida cover the game of tennis extensively.
Goal - To provide a team experience to our High School students that will help prepare them for life and future college team experiences.
A Varsity - We had 93 players turn out for our Varsity Team in 2010!
Only the top 8 boys and girls make the A Varsity Team and represent the school for the FHSAA rankings.
The A Varsity plays against State Championship teams and District Championship teams from throughout South Florida.
Anika Novacek and Rebecca Siegler - 2009 Florida State Doubles Champions Players gather around Captain Michael Ellman during a night match
Anika Novacek and Rebecca Siegler - 2009 Florida State Doubles Champions Players gather around Captain Michael Ellman during a night match
Ross Weissman unloads on a forehand Nicki Mill (5th year starter) has been one of our most consistent performers since Middle School Bryan Reynosso worked since he was a freshman to make the A Varsity and this year as a Senior he achieved his goal as a doubles specialist Victoria Loeb from Canada played number #3 Singles and #2 Doubles
Ross Weissman unloads on a forehand Nicki Mill (5th year starter) has been one of our most consistent performers since Middle School Bryan Reynosso worked since he was a freshman to make the A Varsity and this year as a Senior he achieved his goal as a doubles specialist Victoria Loeb from Canada played number #3 Singles and #2 Doubles
Captain Brittney Pressner is the best Captain we have ever had! Clay Fender played his first year with the Scots and did an outstanding job! Liam Keitz teamed up with Fender for one of the best doubles matches in 2010. Rachel Lowen made the A Varsity this year and played #1 Middle School Tennis!
Captain Brittney Pressner is the best Captain we have ever had! Clay Fender played his first year with the Scots and did an outstanding job! Liam Keitz teamed up with Fender for one of the best doubles matches in 2010. Rachel Lowen made the A Varsity this year and played #1 Middle School Tennis!
B Varsity
B Varsity Girls    B Varsity Boys
Left to Right (Front Row) Alesse Mason, Melinda Liam, Lisa Beck (Middle Row) Alice Silberstein, Sarah Han, Megan Stuart (Back Row) Coach Rafa Curbelo, Coach John Forster Left to Right (Front Row) Julian Black, Tristen White, Max Von Schmeling (Middle Row) Glennon Schaeffer, Alejandro Hernandez, Alex Osherow, John Mendosa (Back Row) Coach Rafa Curbelo, and Coach John Forster
C & D Varsity We had an additional 61 players who competed in inner squad competitions and improved their games during the High School season. Many of these players were middle school students getting ready for the upcoming middle school season.
Scots High Performance Tennis Program
Vision To create one of the premier tennis programs in the country, integrated with an emphasis on Jr. Development where players can continue to evolve as Champion Student Athletes.
Goal It is our Goal to help our Student-Athletes attend a University of choice.
We are Developers: One step at a time
Fundamentals will be a focus. This wins matches!
Daily Practice, Private Lessons, & Fitness
Travel Coaching Program both local and nationally
Parent-Coach Association
The game of tennis at this point in time is such an athletic and demanding game. Players must commit to an injury prevention workout program and a fitness program to become faster and stronger than their opponents. You can no longer be, one-dimensional on the tennis court. You have to learn to play the game outside the lines and have the ability to hit different speeds and spins as well as being more consistent than ever before.
As coaches we will offer a more complete program to help our Student Athletes become champions PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, AND SPIRITUALLY.
September – January and May
Daily Practices:
Monday- Friday / 4 pm - 6:30pm (Saint Andrews)
Saturday / 9:00am – 12:00pm or 1:00pm – 4:00pm (Clay Courts)
Program Format:
5 days a week group practice including a Semi Private Lesson
Rotating V.I.P. Sessions
Daily rates also available*
February – April During Varsity Tennis Season
Saturday / 9:00am – 12:00pm or 1:00pm – 4:30pm (Clay Courts)
Privates also available
High Performance Tennis Program
Saint Andrew’s Middle School Varsity Teams
Varsity A (Grades 6-8)
Vision: To offer a team competitive experience for our Middle School students
Goal: To win the Gold Coast Tennis League
When: April and May
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Varsity B (Grades 6-8)
Vision: To offer a team competitive experience for our Middle School students
Goal: Develop competitive match playing skills
When: April and May
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Middle School and High School Intra Team (Grades 6-12)
Vision: Introducing Middle School and High School students to tournaments and league play
Goal: To get our students ready for Varsity Match Play
When: August – January
Days/Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (3:15-5:00 p.m.)
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Saint Andrew's Tennis Courts
Saint Andrew's Tennis Courts
Saint Andrew’s Lower School Tennis Programs
Lower School Intra Team (Open Selection)
Vision: To offer a team competitive experience for our Lower School students
Goal: Preparing our students to play in USTA and School Tournaments
Days/Times: Monday and Wednesday (3:15pm – 5:00pm) / Friday (2:45pm – 4:30pm) / Tournament Play (1:00pm – 3:00pm)
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Lower School Tennis II (Grades 3-5)
Vision: Continuing the passion for tennis from Lower School I
Goal: To get students ready for the Lower School Varsity Team
Themes: The journey continues with players moving off the mini courts and transferring their games onto 60’ courts using pressure less balls and then advancing to regular courts. Fundamental shots and spins are introduced as players learn to compete in singles and doubles. Students can play their way up into the Lower School Varsity Team.
When: August – May
Days/Times: Monday and Wednesday (3:15pm – 4:30pm) / Friday (2:45pm – 4:00pm) – Singles/Doubles/Games
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Lower School Tennis I (Grades K-2)
Vision: To develop a life-long passion for the game of tennis
Goal: To create our Varsity Players of tomorrow
Themes: Here is where the journey of developing a passion for tennis begins! Each “theme” week (i.e. Movie week, Character week, States week, etc.) provides students with a variety of challenges that develop their basic motor skills of movement, catching, and throwing. These skills are transferred to rallying, forehands, backhands, volleys, overheads, and serves. This is accomplished while learning how to compete against one another over mini nets on 36’ courts using foam balls. Students can play their way up into Level II.
When: August – May
Days/Times: Tuesday and Thursday (3:15pm – 4:30pm)
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Saint Andrew's Tennis Courts
Coach Scott with Students
 Vision: To offer a continuum of tournament experiences at school for all levels of players.
 Goal: We have a competitive based program from which all of our students progress at their own speed.
Saint Andrew’s Varsity Tennis Championships
Saint Andrew’s Varsity Tennis ChampionshipsCoach Ron Seenauth and Coach Rafa Curbelo give each other a low five in front of the Saint Andrew’s School Tennis Champions Board. Each Boy’s and Girl’s Singles Champions get their name placed upon the board in addition to having their name engraved upon the School Championship Trophy.

Players play their way through Main Draw and Back Draw tournaments to establish their initial starting spots within our Varsity Program.

We have both High school and Middle school age students competing for spots on our Varsity Teams.
Playing USTA weekend tournaments is a great way to improve match play
experience, have fun, and meet new friends. We strongly encourage joining the USTA
and playing in these or any other USTA tournaments. If you want to sign your child up for
our tournament program, we will have a coach available at tournaments to help them
with pre/post match rituals and chart some of their match to further your child’s success.

If your child wants to play in a lower keyed environment, then sign up for
One of our many Clinic/Match play days on a Saturday or Sunday for 2 hours.

USTA Events for December and January in which we will participate:
Must sign up 1 week in advance for these events !!!

* Plantation Rockin Reindeer Rookie Championships
@ Frank Veltri Tennis Center in Plantation, Florida
Saturday Dec. 4th and Sunday Dec. 5th (depending how you do on Sat.)

* Scots Tennis Clinic/Match play day - Sat. Dec. 11th or Sun. Dec. 12th 1:00 – 3:00 pm.

* Gulfstream Local Junior Tournament
@Delray Swim/Tennis Club in Delray Beach, Florida
Friday Jan. 8th – Sunday Jan. 10th ( depending how many in draw )

* Boynton Beach Local Classic
@ City of Boynton Beach Tennis Club in Boynton Beach, Florida
Friday Jan. 15th – Sunday Jan. 17th ( depending how many in draw )

* Scots Tennis Clinic/Match play day – Sat. Jan. 23rd or Sun. Jan. 24th 1:00 – 3:00 pm.

See Coach Scott or John for further details and questions………….THANK YOU
High School District Championships  High School District Championships Tennis Courts
High School District Championships
Rachel Lowen
Middle School Championships

We offer a Main and Back Draw for our Middle School Players to compete for their starting spots on our Middle School Varsity Teams. The Middle School players compete in what is called the Gold Coast League which is made up of schools from West Palm Beach- Ft. Lauderdale. The season is short running from Mid-April to the end of May.
Standard Court Length
Lower, Middle, and Upper School Varsity Tournaments

Standard Court Length

We offer our Lower, Middle, and Upper School Varsity players monthly tournament experience on Saturdays from 1-3 p.m.

Competitors are from both in the school and from outside the school.

Contestants who win the Lower School Varsity Tournaments qualify to practice with the Middle School Varsity Team Members, Middle School winners qualify to practice with the High School Team, and High School winners qualify for the High Performance Program in the Fall and Winter Months (September-January).
Open Tournament Schedules
Where: Saint Andrew’s School
Cost: $20.00
Times: 1-3 p.m.
Email to register.
September 25th 2010
October 30th
November 20th
December 18th
January 22nd
February 26th
April 16th
May 21st
60 Ft Tournaments60 Ft Tournaments
The 60 Ft Tournaments are for students who train in our Lower School I and II programs making the transition from reduced courts to regulation size courts. Winners of the 60 ft tournaments qualify for our Lower School Varsity Program.
Where: Saint Andrew’s School
Cost: $20.00
Times: 1-3 p.m.
Email to register.
September 18th
October 23rd
November 13th
December 11th
January 15th
February 19th
March 12th
April 9th
May 14th
Coach John Becker (World Ranked) in Wheel Chair Tennis practices with some of our students preparing for their next 60 ft tournament.
36ft Tournaments36 Ft Tournaments
For the Lower School I students these are their first experience of keeping score (using clothes pins) and learning how to compete. Winners of the 36ft tournaments qualify for the Lower School II Group.
Where: Saint Andrew’s School
Cost: $20.00
Times: 1-3 p.m.
Email to register.
September 11th
October 9th
November 6th
December 4th
January 8th
February 12th
March 5th
April 2nd 36th
May 7th 36th
Jaden James returns serve on his way to winning his first 36ft tournament.
 Vision: To provide the highest standard of Professional Coaches, Curriculum , and Tennis Activities for our Student Athletes at Saint Andrews School.
 Goal:   Create a tennis environment where the students Mind, Body, and Spirit are constantly developing through the great game of tennis.
Saint Andrew's Tennis Coaching Staff Anika Novacek and Rebecca Siegler
Coaches enjoying a night out with the Varsity Teams and Chris Evert.  Pictured from left to right: Chris Evert, Jeff Puhan, Diego Paredes, Rafa Curbelo, Scott Williams, Ron Seenauth.  Not pictured: John Forster. 2009 Florida State High School Doubles Champions Anika Novacek and Rebecca Siegler
Tennis Director – Scott Williams
Employed Since: 2003
Scott Williams has served as the Director of Tennis at Saint Andrew's School since 2003. While at Saint Andrew's, Williams coached Anika Novacek '11 to an individual state singles championship and runner-up overall title in 2007. In 2009 and 2010, he helped lead the girls team to a regional final appearance and the boys to a regional semifinals play in 2009. Also in 2009, he coached Anika Novacek and Rebecca Siegler '11 to an individual and overall state doubles championship title.
Coach Scott Williams and Tommy Haas Coach Scott Williams and Tommy Haas
Scott Williams has coached for over 28 years including former #2 ATP Tour player Tommy Haas. Williams practicing with Tommy Haas at the International Championships in Delray.
Coach Scott Williams with Max Mirnyi
Coach Scott has also worked with Max Mirnyi (Number 1 ranked doubles player ATP). Coach Scott and Max practicing together in Delray.
Coach Williams and his wife Candace, live in Boca Raton with their two children Jasmine and Jaden. Scott, Jasmine and Jaden
In addition to his director of tennis responsibilities, Williams is the Founder and President of Match Point Ministries and was named the 2009 Spiritually Tough Tennis Coach of the Year. Also in 2009, he hosted the first ever ATP Tour prayer breakfast in Delray Beach. In 2007 Williams offered the first Fellowship of Christian Athletes tennis camp in Florida. Williams has been the director of Spiritually Tough Tennis Camps since 2000.
Spiritually Tough Tennis
Williams is certified by the USTA as a High Performance Coach and Level III Coach and is certified as a Level 1 Professional by the USPTA. In addition to his tennis experience, Williams is a PSIA level III full certified ski instructor. Williams is also the author of Serious Tennis (Human Kinetic Publishers) and author and producer of the recently released Spiritually Tough Tennis DVD.
Williams has been ranked nationally in both tennis and skiing. He earned his varsity letter in 1985 from Eastern Washington University where he was voted the most inspirational team member. In 1987, Williams played #1 Staatsliga A Professional Club Tennis in Heitzing, Austria. In 1994, he was coached by Peter Haas while playing #1 Landesliga A Professional Club Tennis in Eickenau, Germany. Williams has played professional satellite and challenger events in Europe, South America, and the United States. Williams has won a total of 19 state championships in both tennis and skiing in Florida and Washington.
Diego Paredes
Fitness Director | Middle School Coordinator | Equipment Technician
Employed Since: 2008
Coach Diego and his wife Christy Coach Diego mission trip to Peru
Coach Diego and his wife Christy at the Sony Ericcson. Coach Diego organized a mission trip to Peru his home country in 2010.
Diego Paredes started playing tennis at the age of 12 in Lima, Peru. As a player he was ranked # 10 in Peru in the 18 yr and under category.
Diego played tennis at SCCC when they qualified for their first ever national appearance.
He later transferred to St. Thomas University where also received a full scholarship playing on the men's tennis team.
Diego has been coaching experience with players from entry level to high performance levels of play, and of every age: from toddlers to seniors.
He is experienced in group and private lessons. Diego has great knowledge and experience in the area of physical conditioning and fitness preparation of players since he has been a personal trainer as well. Additionally to all of that, he is also an expert in racket customization, gripping, stringing, and weighting and balancing of racquets.
Diego is also fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English.
Ron Seenauth
Technical Director | Quality Control
Employed Since: 2008
Ron Seenauth
Ron and his family moved to Boca Raton in 2001 after his son Casey graduated from Kings Park High School and went on to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh to major in Biology and play tennis for coach Pete Moss. Ron has been married for 26 years to Evelyn a retired registered nurse from Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan New York.
Ron’s second child Caren is a very high achiever in tennis.  Caren has been ranked as high as #4 in the 16’s and 18’s age groups in Florida and #35 in the country.  Caren received a full scholarship at the University of Miami under coach Paige Yaroshuk Tews.  While at the University of Miami Caren helped her team to make it to the finals of the NCAA where they lost to the Stanford girls’ team but came in second in the country that year.
Coach Ron’s favorite motto is “if you do the things you always do, you will have the results you always had and anything is possible to a willing MIND”.
Ron has over 20 years of high performance training.
He is a professional certified instructor with U.S.P.T.A.
Coach Ron has instructed players from their very first shot to a world ranking of 1100 on the pro tour.
He is very familiar with preparing players for college.
Ron has the technical ability to recognize and adjust player’s strokes and game without paralyzing that player and ultimately bring out the best in that player.
Ron has worked at Tennis Time, Sport Time, Deer Park Tennis and several clubs around Long Island NY where he has coached players from 4 yrs old to 80 yrs old.
Coach Ron is or Technical Director of Tennis St Andrews School.
Ron has been committed to St Andrews tennis for two consecutive seasons and is looks forward to improving our students to be the best they can be.
John Forster
Lower School Director
Employed Since: 2010
John has the following teaching certifications:
USPTR Certified Teaching Professional 1981-Present
USTA Certified High Performance Tennis Coach 2007-Present
USPTR Symposiums, Hilton Head, SC 1981-2005
USPTR Tennis Professional Certification, Van Der Meer Tennis Academy, Hilton Head, SC 1980-1981.
John was the Director of Tennis at the Lebanon Country Club, Lebanon, PA 1991-2009 where he directed the following:
John Forster
Developed and implemented programs to teach and motivate over 100 Club Players yearly, ages K-adult
Provided high energy instruction through technical lessons, clinics, match play and intrateam sessions
Initiated and coordinated ladies league, tournament play, and round robins within and outside of the club
Directed fun and creative summer camps and after school programs for elementary and middle school students
Achieved success with high school students, producing varsity players and county champions
Involved entire tennis families by arranging family fun nights, picnics, and end- of – the year banquets
John has worked as a private training/traveling coach for National Juniors, Hilton Head, SC 1984-1986
He was a also a tennis pro/ Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, Bradenton, FL in 1982
At present John teaches his own three tennis-loving daughters, with Bridget currently holding a Girl’s 12’s Top 20 National Ranking.
He has hosted and instructed tennis to 400 students benefiting charity.
In 2003 - John was in the Guinness Book of World Records Holders- This documented event was held at the Cornwall Elementary School tennis courts in Cornwall, PA for the longest lesson taught by a single pro, where 6,177 balls were continuously fed to the 457 kindergarten through fifth grade students in three hours!