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Click here to order Serious Tennis by Scott Williams   Product Description

Serious Tennis is the most comprehensive tennis resource, containing expert instruction on each facet of the game. Learn with the world`s top instructors as they provide insights into modern tennis technique, training methods, and match strategy. Combining the sport`s latest physical conditioning methods with its most advanced mental training techniques, this book enables you to reach your full potential, regardless of skill level.

Top international tennis instructor Scott Williams presents his SMARTS system for perfecting stroke technique. The system includes the following:

• Seeing
• Movement
• Adjusting
• Rotation
• Transfer
• Swing

In Serious Tennis, Williams breaks down the four main skill groups in the SMARTS system: stroking skills, playing skills, mental skills, and preparatory skills. He then identifies three phases of development-the core phase, the mileage phase, and the fine-tuning phase-that all players should follow to improve their game. During the first phase, stroking and playing skills are sharpened on the practice court. Once in the mileage phase, techniques such as consistency, placement, and court positioning are tested during game situations. The fine-tuning phase focuses on preparatory skills such as conditioning, nutrition, sleep, and the mental skills you need to consistently win. This approach allows intermediate and advanced players to be in a continual mode of physical and mental progression to truly enhance their skills and tactical understanding of the game.

From improving shot selections to performing under pressure, this book covers every aspect of the game. Become the player you`ve always wanted to be with Serious Tennis.


Chapter 1. Playing With Tennis SMARTS
Chapter 2. Dominating Serves and Returns
Chapter 3. Developing Consistent Swinging Shots
Chapter 4. Adding Accuracy to Punching and Transition Shots
Chapter 5. Improving Shot Selection
Chapter 6. Upgrading Your Equipment
Chapter 7. Maximizing Your Fitness Level
Chapter 8. Using Stress to Your Advantage
Chapter 9. Performing Under Pressure
Chapter 10. Analyzing the Opposition
Chapter 11. Limiting Unforced Errors
Chapter 12. Adjusting to Tough Conditions
Chapter 13. Winning Match Strategies
Chapter 14. Becoming a Complete Player

Scott Williams has collected techniques, training methods, and match strategies from some of the world's highest regarded experts to create this all-inclusive tennis skills manual. Serious Tennis combines the sport's latest physical conditioning methods with its most advanced mental training techniques. Williams presents his SMARTS system (Seeing -- Movement -- Adjusting -- Rotation -- Transfer -- Swing) for perfecting stroke technique and breaks out mental and physical conditioning into three phases of development: core phase, mileage phase, and fine-tuning phase. This approach allows both intermediate and advanced players to be in a continual mode of physical and mental progression -- both on and off the court -- to truly enhance their skills and understanding of the game. From adding accuracy to volleys to analyzing the opposition, Serious Tennis covers every aspect of the game.


A professional tennis coach on the ATP Tour, Scott Williams has instructed and been instructed by some of the top tennis names in the world. Currently the conditioning coach to Tommy Haas-the top ranked player in Germany-Williams has coached several players from the early phases of the junior ranks all the way to the pro tour.

In 1994, Williams founded the Complete Player Institute, which is dedicated to offering programs in sports to benefit the less fortunate. As a player, he was a Florida state champion before moving on to become a top international instructor. Currently based at The Racquet Club, Williams lives in Boca Raton, Florida.

Contributors to the book include Bob Brett, Pat Etcheberry, Brett Hobden, James Loehr, Hans Jurgen Montag, Phil Irish, Ulrich Kuhnel, and Bobby Banck, as well as many others.


"Serious Tennis provides an incredible amount of information to give you the best opportunity to maximize your potential. This book is unique because you are receiving tips from the ’best of the best’ in all phases of the game. Serious Tennis combines all the necessary elements needed to become a complete player."

Bobby Banck
Coach of world-ranked professional tennis players
Coach of the 1990 USA World Cup Team

"Scott’s SMARTS system is incredible! It helped me work on my stroke and gave me the mental edge necessary to be a success on the court."

Tommy Haas
Top 20 ranked player
ATP Tour

"Serious Tennis" is for serious tennis players. From consistent ground strokes to proper shot selection, Scott’s system enhances your performance, allowing you to dominate your opponent."

Mary Joe Fernandez
Two-time Grand Slam finalist
1992 Olympic Gold Medalist in women’s doubles

More details
Serious Tennis
By Scott Williams, Randy Petersen
Edition: illustrated
Published by Human Kinetics, 2000
ISBN 0880119136, 9780880119139
261 pages
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